Chris Epting Reports In From Yesterday's Fan Gathering In HB For The Rev. - Avenged Sevenfold

Chris Epting Reports In From Yesterday's Fan Gathering In HB For The Rev.

Chris Epting was kind enough to send in a recap and some photos from Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s fan gathering in Huntington Beach yesterday to Deathbat News to share with you all. As a surprise to all of the fans that had come together The Sullivan’s stopped by to join in on the remembrance. Did you attend? Share your stories in the comments.

Just returned from Central Park – Sheila R, organized a heartfelt event that was truly memorable. Franki Doll sang some amazing acapella that set the mood, and there were many stories, laughs, hugs and tears. I had been in touch with the Sullivans several times throughout the night – about 7 Joe called me back and said he wanted to come by so Charlie and I went to meet them in the parking – and the entire family was there: Jimmy’s sisters, Joe’s mom, Barbara, and others. They joined the celebration, told stories, took pictures and shared tales of Jimmy. When we all released the black balloons into the night sky to the strains of So Far Away, it was with heavy hearts. But it was also liberating; a chance to release some emotions, exhaling deeply on an emotional day that brought many people together.

Thank you, Sheila and everyone else we met.

PS–to everyone who sent their thoughts in for my article and the memory book we gave the Sullivans, Barbara told me tonight she read them all today and it helped her cope with the pain.

As well, we printed out a full set of the comments and placed them at Jimmy’s grave when we visited – so you were all part of this day physically, as well as emotionally.