Chris Epting Introduces Mike Portnoy To The Sullivan Family + Photos. - Avenged Sevenfold

Chris Epting Introduces Mike Portnoy To The Sullivan Family + Photos.

Chris Epting had the pleasure of introducing Mike Portnoy to The Sullivan Family last night after a “a very emotional hometown show.” Chris’s recount of the event as well as Mike’s can be read below. Also pictured is a photo from the band’s “So Far Away” performance and Mike with the family. Keep an eye out for a piece Mr Epting will be writing about the show as well.

– Incredible show in Irvine last night spent with some terrific company–a powerful Orange County homecoming for the boys, whose thunderous sonic barrage easily owned the night. Of course, the lighting ceremony during “So Far Away” had a special layer of emotion given that many in the house knew the Rev well.

After the show my son Charlie and I were able to introduce the Sullivan family to Mike Portnoy for the very first time and it was a moment that is hard to describe. Mike’s sense of honor and respect was beautifully expressed, and the Sullivans responded in kind. This was one of those events that, for all involved I’m sure, will be etched in our heart and brain – FoREVer. (Chris Epting)

– Very emotional hometown show for the boys tonight…had a great visit with The Sullivan Family (The Rev’s mom, dad and sisters)…lotsa love…hopefully, at least for a moment tonight, their tears turned to smiles…. (Mike Portnoy)