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Cam Rackam Reveals New Painting For M Shadows & The Story Behind It.

Cam Rackam has unveiled the painting, “Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards,”  that he was commisioned to make for M Shadows and has revealed to Deathbat News how it came about. You can check it out by heading here and going into Gallery > Oil Paintings. Make sure to check out the events he’ll be attending and the new “Serpents” t-shirt he’ll have available.

Last August, I was commissioned to do a painting from M Shadows. We discussed something epic with the underlying notion that holidays are about commerce and capitalism. So I locked myself in the studio for 10 days. I began to question why do we keep the tradition of Christmas trees and fat German trespassers melted into the sky gods birthday? What is the tooth fairy doing with all of those baby teeth? Do aliens believe in us and could Big Foot be looking for humans?

What happened was an 7′ rendition of mythological and holiday mascots at the last supper.

It supposed to be humorous and about all of us being subject to mass marketing, but I understand there are some blasphemous things involved with this painting, so I hope no one gets *too* offended. But if you are… just remember, every time you see a rainbow, it’s just God having gay sex.