Cam Rackam Reveals New Avenged Sevenfold Artwork. - Avenged Sevenfold

Cam Rackam Reveals New Avenged Sevenfold Artwork.

Cam Rackam has revealed three new Avenged Sevenfold pieces from his collection entitled “The Family Portrait” and “Fiction/Death.” You’ve probably seen them scattered throughout the booklet for “Nightmare” and now you can take a look at them in his gallery right here under Illustration & Commission. There’s also “The Harvester” that didn’t make it to the booklet, but cookies are hidden in the images (right click them) so check them all out!

Hello again for the first time,

I appreciate everyone’s patience with the Avenged Sevenfold Artwork Unveiling Both are featured inside the new A7X album Nightmare. .

I am proud to release…
“The Family Portrait”

I am also releasing…
“The Harvester”

The Harvester didn’t quite make the A7X Nightmare release, but I thought you would like too see it anyway.
So because everyone waited sooo long their are a few hidden cookies on all three of these images.
(Right Click ’em)

I am proud to have 2 paintings in the no.1 album in the United States.