Brazil's Terra Chats With M Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

Brazil's Terra Chats With M Shadows.

Brazil’s Terra chatted with (Translated) M Shadows over email about the relationship Avenged Sevenfold have with Brazil, the importance of reaching a sixth album, the criticism Avenged Sevenfold receive from metal ‘purists’ and more.

Earth – Avenged Sevenfold gets some criticism from fans over the metal “purists”. It’s hard to be the “new generation”? Do you feel you need to prove they deserve success?
M. Shadows – We have many fans, the best from around the world for any type of music. We do not need to prove anything. If you look at the history of rock, you’ll see the best fucking bands also heard the previous generation of fans. There was a dispute between Beatles and Rolling Stones, Aerosmith was considered copies of the Rolling Stones, etc.. I watched the Pantera opening for Black Sabbath and saw older guys in the background complaining that Phil Anselmo’s screaming was not real metal. Every new generation gets it. We ignore it and keep doing our thing. Trying to impress people who hate you is just a big waste of time.