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There’s no mistaking the Metallica guitar architectures or Axl Rose mannerisms in a performance by Avenged Sevenfold. Yet to its credit, Avenged Sevenfold manages to stay atop its heavyweight influences instead of being crushed by them.

Avenged Sevenfold clawed its way out of the metalcore pack early in the last decade with a level of showmanship and brassy confidence that still fuels the band. Along the way, A7X broadened its sound, with singer M. Shadows in particular learning to croon while his peers in other bands perfected their screams. And while a lot of A7X’s work is derivative, the band did move against the tide, attracting a large cult following and eventually commercial success.

A7X most recently released the macabre-metal album “Nightmare.’’ The eerie title track made for a solid show opener as the band stormed a stage designed like the grounds of a Gothic mansion. Flames shot from columns and ignited iron gates as the band aired new material alongside earlier benchmarks such as “Critical Acclaim’’ and “Bat Country.’’

New songs accented band transitions. A7X marked the death of original drummer Jimmy “The Rev’’ Sullivan with the ballad “So Far Away.’’ The concert was drummer Arin Ilejay’s second with the band; he was introduced during the start of “Welcome to the Family.’’

Guitarists Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance conjured high drama in their runs and riffs, complementing M. Shadows’s prowling and howling stage presence. After unfurling mostly hard and dark numbers, A7X used the encores to release its inner Queen with the ornate turns of “Fiction’’ and “A Little Piece of Heaven.’’