"Book Of Nightmares" Being Shipped! - Avenged Sevenfold

"Book Of Nightmares" Being Shipped!

It seems as though the “Book Of Nightmares” has started to ship! If you’ve gotten your shipment confirmation let me know!

UPDATE: I am in the US and did not receive any shipping confirmation. However, I got in touch with WBR Online Customer Support today and they told me their records showed my order had been shipped out on July 22. The email also stated the following information for my order. Your orders may be different:

Shipments to addresses within the United States are sent by US Mail/Economy and although we anticipate the arrival within a few days, your order may take up to two weeks to arrive. We apologize, but tracking is not available for this shipping method.

If after reading this you’re still worried you can contact them at the email address found in your Order Confirmation email. Make sure you include your order number when reaching out to them.

Last night I received my Shipping Confirmation so it looks as though those in the US who pre-ordered should be getting theirs now also!

Thanks Brian for letting me know orders had started to ship!