Binaural Interview With Johnny Christ - Avenged Sevenfold

Binaural Interview With Johnny Christ

Johnny Christ recently spoke with Barcelona’s Binaural Magazine about “Nightmare”, touring without the Rev, visiting Barcelona, tattoos, friendships, and much, much more. You can read the translated interview here.

Many groups have suffered a similar episode that you have faced recently. Do you think the fact of having been so open to it when speaking with the press has served as personal therapy?

Yes, I think that is therapeutic to return to work and do what we do. It was very difficult to deal on a human level with all that happened but take it out and talk about it with reporters, friends, etc … made us feel much closer to Jimmy. This has helped us to see our drummer filled us both in life and how his heart is still with us. It’s really therapeutic for us to externalize how we feel towards him.