Billboard's Takeover Tuesday: M. Shadows' "Songs That Take Me To Outer Space" Playlist. - Avenged Sevenfold

Billboard’s Takeover Tuesday: M. Shadows’ “Songs That Take Me To Outer Space” Playlist.

M. Shadows shared his “Songs That Take Me To Outer Space” playlist for Billboard’s Takeover Tuesday and explained why he chose songs by David Bowie, Daft Punk, Gustav Holst, Beethoven, Elton John and more.

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week Billboard taps chart-topping artists and taste-makers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard. We give the artists free reign to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

This week, M. Shadows from metal quintet Avenged Sevenfold shows us what happens when rock goes extraterrestrial. His spacey selections take us on a journey from the classic “Starman” David Bowie to Beethoven to Swedish heavy metal band Ghost.

“When I’m by myself asking the questions that many of us do at some point in our lives, I look to the stars knowing that the answers are somewhere out there waiting to be discovered,” he told Billboard. “Music and space collide for me as I find them incredibly stimulating.”