"We've Been Talking Really Seriously About Doing Something For 'God Damn,'" Says Zacky Vengeance. - Avenged Sevenfold

“We’ve Been Talking Really Seriously About Doing Something For ‘God Damn,'” Says Zacky Vengeance.

Zacky Vengeance tells TeamRock Radio that Avenged Sevenfold have been “talking really seriously” about doing something for “God Damn” and also about how he comes up with video concepts.

Guitarist Zacky Vengeance says he and the band are throwing around ideas for a promo video to follow-up the one they released for The Stage in October. The Stage is the title track from the band’s new album.

And Vengeance says God Damn is the next track he hopes to create a video for – and he vows to stick to his tried and tested method of coming up with “fucked up scenarios” for the clip.

He tells TeamRock Radio: “We’ve been talking really seriously about doing something for God Damn. And I think we will take it in a completely different direction than The Stage. What direction I don’t quite know.

“But being the biggest cynic and critic of modern music videos, it’s going to have to be something really spectacular or else I don’t even file [sic] like there’s a point in doing the video.”