Avenged Sevenfold Release "Waking The Fallen" Collectors Box & More + Become A Fan Ambassador. - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold Release “Waking The Fallen” Collectors Box & More + Become A Fan Ambassador.

After the recording of “Sounding the Seventh Trumpet” was released we started playing bigger shows in Orange County, CA. With bigger shows came label interest and after a few months we found ourselves on Hopeless Records. The first thing the band was asked to do was record a song for a compilation album entitled “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” We recorded “Second Heartbeat.” Soon after, we knew we needed a producer to help us hone in on our vision. With “Second Heartbeat” in hand we met with Mudrock and Fred in a studio in Los Angeles. They told us our playing was sloppy but that it was exciting enough for them to want to record our album. “Waking the Fallen” has now sold 1 million copies in the United States alone. Today, we celebrate that album by releasing a box set of modern designs for a classic album in our discography.

For the last 2 months we have been dropping limited addition collectors items. This month we have 250 “Unholy Confession” retro t-shirts. They won’t last long and they are never coming back so check them out here.

Now that we all have kids we realize how hard it is to find cool shit for them to wear. We took it upon ourselves to get the best quality possible and create a kids clothing line. The first three items are for sale now. We hope all you parents, aunts and uncles find something cool to put your little ones in.

Last but not least we added a tour section. Here you will find past merchandise from shows you may have attended. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever so check it out now before it’s too late.

If you enjoy the new merchandise we are putting out and like to post on social media please check out our Ambassador page. It’s easy and free. In fact, we may end up paying you… click here for details.

As always we appreciate the support and we hope you enjoy the Breakdown videos until we have something new to share with you all.