Avenged Sevenfold On Ben Bruce's 10 Albums That Changed My Life List. - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold On Ben Bruce’s 10 Albums That Changed My Life List.

Ben Bruce spoke to Louder/Metal Hammer about 10 albums that changed his life and Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking The Fallen” is on his list.

Avenged Sevenfold – Waking the Fallen (2003)
My mum drove me to Milton Keynes shopping centre to buy it, I put it in my Discman and listened to it the whole journey home. It was the first album that I could listen to from start to finish and I was in love with the entire record. We’re pretty good friends with the Avenged Sevenfold guys now and all the similarities that can be seen between Avenged and Asking are so funny – not stylistically, but in terms of the steps we’ve taken in our career. They were talking to us about when they released their [2007] self-titled album, and how much it upset people that didn’t understand it. It took time for people to realise what the album was and appreciate it, and I feel Asking has had that same battle.