Avenged Sevenfold Make Historic NFT Trade. - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold Make Historic NFT Trade.

Avenged Sevenfold today made a historic NFT trade, trading their “Into The Ether” #101 for CryptoPunk #1432.

Today we traded “Into the Ether” #101 for Cryptopunk #1432. “Into the Ether” # 101 came with free tickets and meet n greets for life. We feel this is a historic trade and further cements the connection between real world utility and digital assets. We have spent the last year immersing ourselves in the NFT space, respectfully, and see it as an exciting way forward for not only us, but every fan that chooses to participate.

In October we will be releasing 10k digital assets that are algorithmically created. To own one will give you many different perks. Giveaways, exclusive merch drops, possible free tickets for life, meet n greets, line passes, discounts and community are some of the things you could receive.

We hope you check out our Discord where you will find many fans have taken it upon themselves to educate newcomers. There is an educational podcast and many other tools there to help people understand this space.

We are doing this before the album drops because we want everyone to have time to learn and get in before its too late. We hope you join us.