Avenged Sevenfold Landmark #1: Johnny's Saloon - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold Landmark #1: Johnny's Saloon

With the help of Chris Epting I bring you an Avenged Sevenfold landmark post which I hope you guys will enjoy! First up in the series is Johnny’s Saloon. You may remember this bar featured in the All Excess DVD where Avenged Sevenfold would stop by to discuss the Waking The Fallen and City Of Evil albums while they were being written. There are more to come, along with something special he is putting together for all Avenged Sevenfold fans.

And as a last reach out to you all, please remember to vote for Chris Epting and his daughter Claire right here. Chris has promised that if they win the competition he will make a special Avenged Sevenfold video set to the music of “Save Me” where he will plant an Avenged Sevenfold flag in Antarctica.