Avenged Sevenfold In Kerrang!: The Kings' Speech. - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold In Kerrang!: The Kings' Speech.

Zacky Vengeance spoke to Kerrang! Magazine about Avenged Sevenfold scoring their first #1 album in the UK, some people being less than thrilled with their success and returning to the UK on tour. You can purchase this issue on newsstands now or digitally from Google Play.

“With any success, a lot of voices come out, and you start hearing a lot more opinions on the matter,” he admits. “We’ve provoked very strong reactions in both directions since day one, and coming from a very humble hardcore scene in Orange County, California, and being a band that has gone on to put out ballads, we’ve gotten the worst of it off of that.”

The guitarist refused to be drawn on the direction nature of the Machine Head frontman’s criticism, sighing, “My only comment [on Robb] is that I really, truly hate to see any sort of divide in rock and metal.

I think everyone’s trying to come together and bring up other bands along the way, and we’ve always been really blessed to have bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden take us under their wing and say nice things about us,” he adds. “When you have that, you really are so appreciative, and we hope to do the same for younger, up-and-coming bands, because we’re just not ready to give over the throne of rock and metal to a bunch of bands that blow on jugs and play tambourines!”

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