Ask Us "God Only Knows" What. - Avenged Sevenfold

Ask Us “God Only Knows” What.

God Only Knows what questions you want to ask us, so here’s your chance. Ask a question in the comments section below the video on Youtube, make sure you are a part of our mailing list and we’ll email selected responses back to everyone.

Here’s How:
1. Submit questions in the comments section of the “God Only Knows” video on YouTube here.
2. If you haven’t already, join the official A7X mailing list here.
3. Check your email on Monday, Aug 28th to see if your question received a response from us.

Looking forward to seeing your questions for us – God only knows what we’d be without you!

NOTE: There is a known issue where when when trying to sign up to the mailing list using the Opera browser you will run into an error. Please try using another browser. If the problem persists on others, please comment with the browser. Thank you.