Announcing Official Avenged Sevenfold Discord. - Avenged Sevenfold

Announcing Official Avenged Sevenfold Discord.

Over the past year we have been working behind the scenes on many different projects. From working on our new album and reinventing A7X World, to Live Concerts and NFTs. We understand that there are some areas that interest some of you more than other aspects that need more clarity as to what exactly we’re doing. So we have set up an official Avenged Sevenfold Discord. It has been up under the radar as we worked out the kinks. We think it’s in a place now where everyone can join and have a good time. A couple things to note:

– Band members have been in and out and will continue to visit channels to engage with people.
– NFTs will be a huge part of everything we do moving forward. Luckily, members of the Discord have taken it upon themselves to not only educate but also start a fan-run podcast which goes live every couple of weeks. If you want bi-monthly giveaways, access to Web3 content, potential free tickets, meet & greets, etc. then we ask you to join that room and educate yourself on what we are creating. It’s still early and you have time. Many others have taken the dive and they are happy they did.
– There are areas to trade merchandise and also discuss live events.
– We also invite all countries and languages to participate. Channels have been established for non-English speaking fans.

The community is already very strong and with you it can be even stronger. See ya in there and we look forward to the exciting year ahead.