AMH Network Interviews Johnny Christ. - Avenged Sevenfold

AMH Network Interviews Johnny Christ.

Australia’s AMH Network interviewed Johnny Christ this morning and talked about Arin Ilejay becoming an official member of Avenged Sevenfold, recording “Not Ready To Die” and “Carry On” for Call Of Duty, the “Hail To The King” writing process, working with Mike Elizondo again, if “Hail To The King” is a good preview of the entire album, “Hail To The King” The Animated Series, Avenged Sevenfold’s future as a top tier band and heading back to Australia.

Avenged Sevenfold are definitely on the top tier of 2000′s metal. There have been a few statements floating around lately from both the band, the media and others about a future changing of the guard, which I thought was pretty interesting in that there still isn’t really any clear bands from the last ten odd years that have taken that last step. At the moment, we’re still seeing the major festivals headlined by the likes of Metallica, Maiden, etc. So it will be interesting when heaven forbid they do decide to call it a day.But I would say that Avenged Sevenfold are definitely up there with a chance. What’s your take on the situation?
It would be pretty silly of me to say something like that at this point in time. For me, I’m humbled by that – to be compared to these bands that have been doing it for so long. Metallica, ACDC… those are some of our favourite bands, they have been doing it for so long and they are the best at it. For us to hear chitter-chatter about us even having the potential of doing something like that, it’s cool. It’s definitely humbling. I don’t agree 100%. We’re not to their calibre yet. Hopefully we’ll get there. If we ended up the way they are and headlined some of those huge festivals, that would be great. To reach their status is something that would be great but yeah, we’re not there yet. For us, music is what we love. We’ve been doing it for so long. We’re a touring band, this is the way that we have always done it. We write a record then we get out there and tour for two years trying to grow our fanbase. We go out there and try to give our fans a good show, we give them a full show not just the music. That’s just something that we have always wanted to do so as things have grown, fans have appreciated that and talked to their friends about it. It’s naturally grown to a point where we can headline some festivals and bring out a bunch of production. We feel very comfortable on stage. That is where we probably feel the most comfortable. Again, to compare us directly to those bands though is still a little soon.