Amazing A7X & Mike Portnoy Holmdel, NJ Fan Review From! - Avenged Sevenfold

Amazing A7X & Mike Portnoy Holmdel, NJ Fan Review From! forum user Fex Strick posted the following review of Avenged Sevenfold’s set in Holmdel, NJ. Check it out below:

Awesome from start to finish. The band is crazy tight and MP just CRUSHED it. Totally elevated this band to the stratosphere last night. Powerful, intense, jaw-droppingly stunned by this man’s physical prescence and total command behind the kit. Between each song he chugged water and walked around the kit platform like a panther, loosening and stretching his muscles before he goes for another kill!  

 Much, much love from the locals and at certain points MP tried to get a circle going on the lawn, set drum sticks on fire, played stick catch with someone in the wings, raised his fist to his heart and showed the love for Jimmy and stood on his kit like a warrior king as the band gave him a massive shoutout!!  

This was a pinnacle in metal history. Truly a one of a kind experience