Alternative Press Gives "The Stage" 4/5 Stars: "Sci-Fi Tinged ‘The Stage’ Keeps The Bar High For Hard Rock." - Avenged Sevenfold

Alternative Press Gives “The Stage” 4/5 Stars: “Sci-Fi Tinged ‘The Stage’ Keeps The Bar High For Hard Rock.”

Alternative Press has given Avenged Sevenfold’s new album “The Stage” 4/5 stars noting, “Sci-Fi tinged ‘The Stage’ keeps the bar high for hard rock.”

Straight up? Avenged Sevenfold’s new album is compelling because the SoCal quintet unashamedly continue to embrace their larger-than-life arena-rock ambitions, while genuflecting at the altars of the gods of hard rock and metal before them—on their own terms. […] The Stage finds A7X looking back and forward to seal their destiny. […] The Stage makes things really interesting for the band, their fans and long-in-the-tooth metal fans who may have dismissed A7X for some hackneyed reason or another.


More so than any of their previous releases, The Stage finds A7X evolving at a rate that is natural and organic. They didn’t call in EDM producers to provide awkward rinse-and-drop dynamics, superstar MC’s to spitball lyrics or make any leftfield turns into unnecessary genres. What they did do was stick to their guns. And as the old guard of arena-filling hard rockers begin to diminish (physically, artistically), it’s good to know there’s someone dedicated to keeping the bar high.