Aftonbladet Review's A7X At Metaltown, "A Revelation.. This Is The Present, The Future" - Avenged Sevenfold

Aftonbladet Review's A7X At Metaltown, "A Revelation.. This Is The Present, The Future"

Aftonbladet have put up a review (Thanks Lina for the translation) of Avenged Sevenfold’s performance at Metaltown and have included some photos along with it.

“This is your fucking nightmare,” M Shadows sings in the opening.

Talk about being wrong. This is nothing more than a fucking revelation. Albeit a bit too short.

Below is told the story of a band who went through a tragedy, but that rose out of their grief and for the Avenged Sevenfold that is allowed entrance to the biggest scene at Metaltown is a group that is predicted to become the next major arena fillers in the metal-scene vacuum that will soon occur. And that also takes its role as heir to Iron Maiden and Metallica seriously.

The cemetery fence-decoration is recognized from last year’s arena tour. It is only slightly larger. A bit more up-to-date – with interchangeable background drapes and with fire pillars so hot that they themselves manage to persuade the weather gods to cease their claim over the area.

In view of the framing is also festival skin-tight and crowd-pleasing. From the latest album “Nightmare” is both the title track as “Welcome to the family”, “God hates us” and “Buried alive”, the self-titled album from 2007 included the demanding musical number “A little piece of heaven” which also had its premiere in Sweden, while “Unholy confessions” still constitutes the only real contact with their early career.

In the midst of all of this exuberant and sparkling show, it is still there. The grief after the late drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Although, one and a half years ago, a deadly combination of alcohol and drugs put out his life, he remained in the background, either as a recorded voice from the other side of the grave or as the target of a genuine “Afterlife”.

“This is dedicated to our brother in heaven. We know he is watching over us,” says M Shadows. And what he sees should make him proud and touch his soul. Even if the playing time of a mere hour is far too short.