A Soldiers Take On Avenged Sevenfold's Kuwait Show. - Avenged Sevenfold

A Soldiers Take On Avenged Sevenfold's Kuwait Show.

I’m happy to be able to bring you guys a review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Kuwait from one of the soldiers that was there. You can hear what Henri P. had to say about the show and meeting the band below. A big thank you goes out to him for sending this in to Deathbat News.

Avenged Sevenfold in Kuwait. The very idea of A7X showing up in Kuwait voluntarily for a free show, was remarkable. I personally have never seen the troops so worked up about a concert here. Their show was phenomenal, and the energy and sincerity coming from M. Shadows was incredible. For the first time in months I got to be myself around others who enjoyed the same genre in music. We moshed, crowd surfed, and had a great time. The band even took the time to take photos with us even though the line for photo’s was a good 2 hours long. They paid tribute to their late drummer “The Rev” as all of us soldiers pulled out our lighters and cell phones for him. I got a chance to meet the band and take photo’s and they were just happy to be there, and more then happy to sign anything we through at them (hats, guitars, guitar picks they through in the audience, pictures. reflector belts, etc.) I really couldn’t have had a better time without my friends from back at home, even they couldn’t believe A7X showed up for and performed while they were passing through. Thanks again to the band for coming by, and thanks for supporting your troops. 🙂