A Message From Zacky Vengeance Regarding AOL Feature. - Avenged Sevenfold

A Message From Zacky Vengeance Regarding AOL Feature.

Zacky Vengeance has sent in a message regarding the AOL About.Me feature done on Avenged Sevenfold in which a piece, supposedly written by the band, was posted. Again, a huge thank you goes out to him for clearing this up for all of the fans.

“I read the message that we were supposed to have written and it made me really upset (at whoever wrote it pretending to be us). I just wanted to make sure our fans know we have more class then that. I hate when people speak on our behalf and make us look like insincere cheap salesmen. Obviously our fans know us better then that and know that we have been through hell to do something we believe in. We also don’t misspell the name of our own album or speak about ourselves in the third person or put Jimmys name in quotations like our tragedy is a selling point. Fuck whoever thought it was okay to write that.”