A Deathbat News Reader Reviews Her First Avenged Sevenfold Concert. - Avenged Sevenfold

A Deathbat News Reader Reviews Her First Avenged Sevenfold Concert.

Over the course of tours I’m always putting up reviews from various publications around the world reviewing Avenged Sevenfold’s concerts as they pass through. While that’s no different with the “Nightmare After Christmas” tour I wanted to do something a little different. Deathbat News reader Jacky had never seen Avenged Sevenfold in concert before last night’s show in Lowell, MA. In fact, she’d never been to a concert before at all. I’m extremely happy that she got hooked up with a ticket through Deathbat News on Twitter and asked her if she would write a review of the show to which she gladly accepted. Check it out below. Thanks Jacky! If any of you guys went to the show as well make sure you leave what you thought about it in the comments!

While the line outside was stretching from the arena all the way across the bridge behind it, I’d say it was well worth the hour and thirty minute wait in 20 degree weather for this concert. When we got inside it was welcomed sweaty warmth. Especially down in the pit, where we were lucky enough to get to. It’s a concert; you can’t expect people to be exactly the most philanthropic, now can you? There were a few harsh words thrown around between big scary looking guys defending their girlfriends, some really creepy kids, and then the people who were there for the same reason I was:

To watch Avenged Sevenfold kick ass. Which I’d have to say they did a great job at, to be honest. I caught a few glimpses of the Berry brothers during set up, which they had a black canvas over the stage while they were doing so. I screamed a few names, got a few weird looks, and pretty much didn’t care who thought what. When the guys came out though, the arena erupted into screams. The intro to Nightmare played and when M. Shadows started screaming; so did the crowd. We were on Syn’s side of the stage, and oh my god was it awesome. He makes some of the greatest facial expressions in the world. Zacky popped in a few times on the riser and played, making myself and a few other people scream. During A Little Piece of Heaven my friend and I threw hand warmers onto the stage with “A heater for your thighs” written on them in Sharpie. One hit Syn’s shoe, and the other hit a security guard in the head… Oops.

Their entire set was off the charts amazing; Shadows got the crowd moshing with Unholy Confessions where he introduced it with “I know the Boston area loves this, so I want to see you get violent!!” To which I responded with a groan, since I was sandwiched between two MASSIVE sweaty guys.

Before they started the intro to So Far Away they dropped the banner of Jimmy, with Syn and Johnny hugging him. Shads shared a story on how he met Jimmy, and how it was when he was twelve, and Jimmy was getting yelled at by a teacher… in a tree. It was a very touching moment to hear him talk about Jimmy, and I’m not sure if it was just me, or a few people were crying (I know I was one of them).

For Fiction they brought out an empty piano, set a singular spotlight on it, and all I could see was Syn singing. I know Shadows was on stage singing too, but all I could focus on was Syn. It looked like he was on the verge of tears, and it literally broke my heart. But after Fiction they started A Little Piece of Heaven and I don’t think there was a better way to end a concert than with that song.

Another thing: I don’t remember what song it was during, but whoever the daredevil badass was that jumped onto the stage and got taken down by security; you are my idol. That guy had balls! And when Johnny came around chucking stuff at the crowd, for some reason everyone was relatively quiet so I screamed “JOHNNY CHRIST!” at him and he did that double take-laugh and walked away.

I want to thank DBN for asking me to write a review, and I had such an amazing time seeing all these bands, I don’t think it’s something anyone should pass up. You all should do whatever you can to get out and see them; it really will change your life!