95WIILRock Synyster Gates & M Shadows Interview Clip. - Avenged Sevenfold

95WIILRock Synyster Gates & M Shadows Interview Clip.

Just as he said Stu from 95 WIIL Rock has posted a small clip of the interview he conducted with Synyster Gates and M Shadows yesterday. Head here and check it out. Video and text of the entire interview are coming soon.

Stu from 95WIILROCK just commented Deathbat News with the following information on the rest of the interview:

whoever is paying attention to us, thank you…video/text will go up later this week, I’ve got about 2 min of the 20+ minute interview on my page of the site right now, on mobile, so no link, facebook page has it… thanks again, I got to as many questions from you guys as I could…I wasn’t a major major fan before, but I can see why you guys are so devoted, shadows and synyster are really good dudes…