Thinking Out Loud: M. Shadows. - Avenged Sevenfold

Thinking Out Loud: M. Shadows.

In their feature Thinking Out Loud, Metal Hammer take a look at some quotes M. Shadows has offered over the years.

“My 25 year old self would probably punch me in the face. He was a firecracker ready to go off. He was smart enough to figure things out but he still – not to quote Sebastian Bach – had that youth gone wild mentality. You have to live it to figure it out. You have to make mistakes. We made a lot of those but we also made some good decisions, otherwise we wouldn’t be here now.”

“When we write songs, communication is key. Everyone knows not to get offended when we go into the writing process because if something sucks, we’re not going to beat around the bush and doodle on your riff for three days. If it sucks, throw it out and shut your mouth. You can’t have a big ego in that situation. That’s how we work.”