"The Orange County Boys Have Returned And They Haven't Missed A Curb-Stomping Beat." - Avenged Sevenfold

"The Orange County Boys Have Returned And They Haven't Missed A Curb-Stomping Beat."

Metal Hammer has posted their review of Avenged Sevenfold’s free show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN. A7X did not play “Until The End” as claimed, but “A Little Piece of Heaven.” Were you there? Share your photos and videos on the forum!

So while Thursday’s club date (free for the first 1,500 fans through the door) was billed as a low-key test run for new drummer Brooks Wackerman, it more importantly served as an intimate State of Sevenfold Address. The message? The Orange County boys have returned and they haven’t missed a curb-stomping beat.


Shadows proves he’s still as poised as metal singers get, belting the mighty chorus of Hail To The King, which he dedicates to late hometown pop icon Prince. Gesturing like a sinister concierge, his brawny voice soars to near Dickinsonian heights during the anthemic tribute.


If the new guy behind the kit has anything to say about it, that next step might be faster and harder. Wackerman seems most comfortable with uptempo burners, sliding seamlessly into the galloping Beast And The Harlot chorus and flashing a roll-and-crash flair on an extra manic Bat Country. A drummer as capable as Wackerman – who has worked with artists as disparate as Suicidal Tendencies and Avril Lavigne – deserves the benefit of the doubt that he’ll eventually find his stride with Avenged’s weighty ballads, which occasionally lack pop early on.

After capping the heart of the set with a well-received Unholy Confessions, Avenged lead the encore with galactic battle cry Planets, a song Shadows says they’ve never played it live. If that’s true, they might want to tattoo this world-scorching epic onto each set list from here on out, as the club quakes in a roiling mosh.


Avenged Sevenfold are back, all right. And if this small, celebratory Minneapolis show was merely a “warm-up,” we all better take cover.