Schecter Guitars' 'Why Schecter?' Series With Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance & Johnny Christ. - Avenged Sevenfold

Schecter Guitars' 'Why Schecter?' Series With Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance & Johnny Christ.

Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ are a part of Schecter Guitars’ ‘Why Schecter?’ series explaining why they enjoy being sponsored by the manufacturer.

“To me the answer is evolutionary and in turn has manifested itself into a multitude of reasons, but these two standout the most. The reason I began playing a Schecter is simple. Out of all the many amazing guitars we had in the studio during WTF [Waking The Fallen], I liked the Schecter models best hands down. The reason I never played anything else was because of the [staff at Schecter] and their commitment to making not only the guitar of my dreams, but their commitment to making me feel like a part of their family, and now, our family. Ultimately, there are two reasons to play a guitar; to play what your heros are playing, and more importantly, to create your own legacy with the greatest quality of instrument and people you can surround yourself with. Today, Schecter embodies all of it.” – Synyster Gates

“Honestly, it all began when I first reached out to Schecter many years ago. We had just returned home from our first over seas tour, and on the last day I unexpectedly broke the only guitar I owned. I returned home in a serious predicament… No money, no guitar, and what was about to be our biggest show ever in front of our hometown crowd. I reached out to Schecter because I loved the looks of the Cherry Red S-1 and explained the situation. With no hesitation they sent me the beauty, and the show went off without a hitch. That night we also filmed our first music video for ‘Unholy Confessions.’ My guitars, which now include my own signature model, have since shared with me the most incredible journey a musician could dream of. Somehow I have a feeling they knew their guitars would end up along for the ride. Schecter believed when no one else did.” – Zacky Vengeance

“When the time came for my own signature model, it was an easy decision to go with Schecter. With their knowledgeable staff and dedication to quality, I knew I would get a great instrument. Working so closely with them over a few months only grew my admiration for this company. Their willingness to try everything to accomplish what I was after, and their ability to complete the prototype in their local Southern California facility worked perfectly. I cannot even imagine working with a different company or having a more perfect bass to put my name on.” – Johnny Christ