Loudwire Nights With M. Shadows: Partnering With LTD Foundation, This Is Bat Country, Leaving WBR & More. - Avenged Sevenfold

Loudwire Nights With M. Shadows: Partnering With LTD Foundation, This Is Bat Country, Leaving WBR & More.

M. Shadows was recently a guest on Loudwire Nights and talked about the few festival shows and tour dates Avenged Sevenfold have booked for this year, partnering with Living The Dream Foundation, the new album, the creative process with Brooks, the “This Is Bat Country” DVD, leaving Warner Bros Records, the best compliment he’s received musically and more. Check out the entire interview and here.

You do have many festivals lined up within the next few months. I saw that at Rock Allegiance and Houston Open Air you’re partnering with LTD Tweets. Can you tell us a little bit about what they do? Where does the band fit into all of that?
For us everything from Living the Dream to all the sort of things with F Cancer that we have done, for us it is just about meeting fans that can’t necessarily come to shows or are sick with illnesses. [They] can’t necessarily get to see an experience that a lot of our fans can have. We try to go meet those kids and try to do as much as we can for them. We donate, we try to donate our time as much as possible and it’s one that is really important to us.

We have been doing that for years and years. The more kids that we can meet or kids that are terminally ill, we try to do it because it’s really important and you can see the hope in their eyes and in their families and their parents. Usually for things like that, they fly out the best friend and they fly out the family members and they get to come sit onstage and they get to hang out with the band. We try to take a couple hours out of our day to definitely make, hopefully, a life-changing experience for them.

Do you anticipate that there will something new for fans to hear in 2016? Or is 2017 more realistic?
I really have no clue at this point. Nothing. I am sure every magazine is mad at us right now and every radio station is mad at us, but the reality is when there is something to be heard, then it will be heard. Right now we are working our butts off and we want to make sure everything is right, when something does come out and just kind of giving people little tidbits right now doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

Back in May of 2015 we all got the glimpse of the This is Bat Country DVD. The band put out the teaser. Is the DVD done yet? Will it see the light of day? Is there any sort of timeline update you can give?
The reality is the DVD just never got there. I know some fans don’t want to hear this, but for us when we’re looking at something and deciding on whether to put it out or not, it’s gotta go through some sort of process or, “Is this good enough to come out?” You get asked a question a million times of “You got a DVD?” It starts leaking out that there’s a DVD and you go “Okay yeah, we have a DVD.” Then when it doesn’t get there and there’s no reason for us to put it out and the DVD was never quite good enough to come out in our opinion.

So, I don’t know what’s happening with it right now. I know it’s still on the cutting floor. We’re still trying to make tweaks to it, but then there’s also the Warner Bros. thing. We’re not with Warner Bros. anymore and they own the rights to that footage. So, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that DVD. The real answer is just that it wasn’t up to par with what we wanted to be releasing.

That was my next question, you announced earlier this year that the band was attempting to sever its contract with Warner Bros records. Has there been any resolution? Apparently not.
There hasn’t been a resolution with that. I saw a thing on, I think it was another website was saying that what we had said was not true about the reason we left. That report is not true. We left because every single person at the label, not every single person, the radio department is still intact. But the people that signed us, the A&R people, all the people that had to do with the high up at the company didn’t know who Avenged Sevenfold was or cared at this point. So we had to leave.

It had nothing to do with anything other than if you’re at a place where they don’t care about your band, then you have to do somewhere where they do care about your band. So, as labels start morphing and changing over time, you have to do what’s best for you and that’s the main reason we left. For us, it’s about finding a home that care about rock music and they care about Avenged Sevenfold and want to further our career as we try to push through this thing.

Lastly, what is the best compliment you’ve ever received musically that means the most to you?
Ah man. Musically, I just like when people are knowledgeable about music and they can talk to you about it. I’m kind of a geek when it comes to talking about chord structures or melody, so I always loved in depth conversations with musicians about things. I also enjoy when a fan can just put something on and they really know nothing about music other than they like it and it touches them in some way.

So, there are so many cool things. I find that a lot of times you go to shows and you hear all these stories from fans, and it’s always touching and it’s always awesome. Every once in awhile we can touch somebody’s life in a way just by writing a melody or writing some music, which is always really special.