Hardcore Gamer Interviews M. Shadows About Guitar Hero Live. - Avenged Sevenfold

Hardcore Gamer Interviews M. Shadows About Guitar Hero Live.

M. Shadows spoke with Hardcore Gamer about Guitar Hero Live. He touched on how Avenged Sevenfold’s relationship with Activision came about, how it feels playing his own songs, the realism the game now brings to the table, the process of choosing which three live songs to feature in the bonus content, his favorite thing about the game, the possibility of releasing music through Guitar Hero Live and more.

Considering you love all your songs, what was that process like?
I’ve got a heart of pure cold stone, I don’t even care at this point, I just do what I think is best and for those songs. Most people like these songs in a live environment, they’re technically pretty cool, so it’s pretty easy. Would I want some weirder stuff on there? You can’t change the world and sometimes some of the most out there music I think is brilliant, I play for people and it goes right over their heads. I want to put stuff out there that people already like and I know is going to do well and like I said, technically I wanted cool things so that when people put their performances on YouTube and they’re shredding on something, I want it to look like they’re shredding and there’s actually a challenge to it. So these three songs kind of fit the bill.

Are the tracks in the game live versions?
100% live versions. There’s no fooling around; we didn’t go into the studio and clean anything up, it’s exactly how if you watch the show on YouTube except mixed better for this. We obviously mixed the songs, but it’s 100% live.

You mentioned earlier how a lot of younger people are now discovering music through video games. Would you ever consider releasing music or debuting songs through Guitar Hero Live?
Absolutely. We brought it up — everything is on the table right now in terms of releasing music. [Doing things] the same old way is just the old world, so we absolutely would. We have a lot of aspirations to do things in video games that have definitely been in the forefronts of those discussions. GHTV is a cool enough platform to us. As an artist right now, you have to be completely open to new ways and whatever the fans want.