Avenged Sevenfold’s Rules Of The Road. - Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold’s Rules Of The Road.

Avenged Sevenfold revealed their 6 Rules Of The Road in the newest issue of Kerrang! magazine. Check out the rest by grabbing a copy on newsstands, Google Play or iTunes.

1. Get Souvenirs
You’re traveling the world. You’re seeing stuff. You want something to remember it by. Like stationary items belonging to deposed tyrants. “I bought some pens that Saddam Hussein owned for $5,000,” M. Shadows revealed to K!, when discussing their trip to Iraq to play for the troops. “They were 24-carat gold pens that he actually used. I wanted to get something from my Iraq trip to take back with me.” Or a fridge magnet, maybe?

2. Kebabs Are To Be Avoided At All Costs
Who can resist a bit of the old revolving-elephant-leg at 3am when you’ve finished your 27th pint and you need something hot and delicious in your tum? Synyster Gates couldn’t, no matter how sad they made him. “When I’m in the UK, I have this perpetual cycle of getting drunk, going out, eating a kebab and gaining 20lbs. It makes me miserable and bitter.” Personally, we can’t see the problem with such a nutritious diet, but M. Shadows is hating on kebabs, as well. “People on the road go out and drink every night. No normal people do that. If you have 18 drinks every night for a week, that’s a drinking problem. And drinking leads to kebabs, which means putting on weight.” Yeah, but… kebabs, man!

3. Ladies Love Men Who Bathe
Avenged have a reputation for being very good at bed-spring bingo. What tips do they have to turn you from cave-dwelling chud into irresistible lothario at festivals? “The best way to pick someone up at a festival is to make sure you’re the only guy there that doesn’t smell like shit.” Good advice there from Zacky Vengeance. “If you’re scrubbed-up, smelling like a gigolo next to all the sweaty dudes, you’ll get the women.” Dear Download Organisers, please start selling whatever antiperspirant it is that gigolos use.