Avenged Sevenfold Release “Black Reign” EP.

Our “Black Reign” EP, including all the songs we’ve recorded for the Call of Duty: Black Ops series over the years and our newest “Mad Hatter” from Black Ops 4, is out now.

Happy Birthday, Johnny Christ!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Johnny Christ, aka “Butthoven.” View this post on Instagram A very happy birthday to my dear friend and musical genius, Butthoven. #butthoven #musicalgenius (🤥) #thepianohadtobeburned #butthovenwaskindlyremovedfromthepremisesandaskedtoneverreturn A post … Read More

Breakdown: “Mad Hatter.”

Episode 2 of Breakdown is out now. In it, M. Shadows and Synyster Gates dive into the musical madness of “Mad Hatter.”