Synyster Gates Calls Into 95 WIIL Rock.

Synyster Gates called into 95 WIIL Rock and talked about how Avenged Sevenfold linked up with Prophets of Rage for the “End of the World Tour,” if he prefers playing in the studio vs playing … Read More

Synyster Gates Chats With 102.7 WEBN.

Synyster Gates chatted with 102.7 WEBN about what he took away from touring with Metallica, one of his favorite Tom Morello solos, The Synyster Gates School, being passionate about creating their live shows, and more.

Highlights From M. Shadows’ Reddit AMA.

Here are highlights from yesterday’s AMA with M. Shadows. Check out the whole thing here. Comment from discussion I'm M. Shadows, vocalist of Avenged Sevenfold. AMA!. Comment from discussion I'm M. Shadows, vocalist of Avenged … Read More

M. Shadows Talks With Billboard.

M. Shadows talked with Billboard about Avenged Sevenfold’s upcoming “End of the World Tour,” what fans can expect from the production and set list, Prophets of Rage being a tour partner, what’s to come for … Read More

M. Shadows To Host Reddit AMA.

With the announcement of the “End of the World Tour,” M. Shadows will be hosting an AMA on Reddit this Fri, Mar 9th at 10AM PT.